Compelling images for brands and individuals with a story to tell.


It thrills me to capture stories through interactions. New life, new chapters, dear friends (both two and four legged), people creating things that bring goodness to the world, life engaging in life. It's all special and it's all important.

Food + Beverage

My mothership. I come from a restaurant and hospitality background, and believe whole heartedly in the term "eye candy." Beautiful food and drink is my love language.

Places + Things

Some of the most interesting and compelling stories are in the details: carefully curated spaces, unique items that quietly conjure up specific emotions, light and landscape that set the scene for an unforgettable adventure...


My Journey

My name is Juliana. I grew up amongst the fields and evergreens of small town Oregon, where my heart learned to hear the stories whispered by the wind and found its rhythm in the pitter-patter of the rain. I shot like an arrow into college with that wonderfully blind confidence that 18-year-olds are so often propelled by, and 5 years later found myself on the road I always knew I would travel to Los Angeles. I could feel it in my bones that the path was right without a real clue why; though I thought I knew. 23-year-olds think they know everything.

I’m not sure if I would have believed someone if they had whispered in my ear what my world would end up looking like. It was so very different in my head back then. Life has a funny way of making sure you reach your many destinations, and mine currently is here: in Pasadena, California, married to an amazing man who makes me laugh and believes in me so resolutely that my moments of self-doubt don't stand a chance. We have a gassy dog and a jungle cat who possess a large portion of my love. I travel often because it’s necessary for my gypsy soul. I care deeply, too deeply, about most epic trilogy movie series. I am honored with the privilege to capture and create visual stories for beautiful brands and individuals; the collaborations I get to be a part of inspire me endlessly. It is so profoundly important to me to bring positivity and magic to the world, and I have found my voice in that venture through photography.

In my opinion the best way to have a conversation is over coffee or wine (or tea, or cocktails…) and I would love to have a conversation with you! Drop me a line and we’ll have a cup, and then probably another.

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