About Writing An About Me


The last thing I had to do in order to make this website ready for the world was write the “About Me” section. Should be easy, I thought, I know me better than anyone. I sat in front of my computer and stared at the little blinking cursor, winking at me over and over again, as if it had the secret to the perfect words but was unwilling to share without proper compensation. I wrote this:

  • Very well hydrated
  • Loves coffee, wine, animals, Disneyland
  • I have a boston terrier that takes up most of my love, but also a husband and a cat.

Then I stared at that cheeky little cursor some more.

I made another cup of coffee and thought about what a good “About Me” blurb is supposed to be. Informative but succinct. Humorous but genuine. Deep but not overbearing. Driven but not pushy. I closed my laptop and walked away because that’s a lot of supposed-to-bes for a paragraph or two.

It took me a while (and a load of inspiration + encouragement from a small group of humans who laughed when I shared what I’d written and then appropriately said, “dig a little deeper, darlin’”) to realize that just because there’s a popular formula for something doesn’t mean that it necessarily adds up for me. My “About Me” section could say whatever I wanted it to, this is my brand, my website, my adventure. And I didn’t have to call it “About Me”.


I let myself just write for a quite a while; it was like stretching after being still for a very long time. Once my muscles were warm and my brain quieted down that cheeky little cursor danced its way through the words that were just right for this rendition of who I am and how I came to be her. I’m excited to know this girl – the one who is starting a business, who is taking a leap because her heart can feel that it’s right. I’m eager to see where she goes and how she gets there. And I like what I wrote about her journey so far.