The Legaspi Fam Bam

Finally getting this sweet family session on the blog! I adore this bunch, they were so fun to shoot with. When I do sessions with humans (not just things I want to eat or drink as soon as I'm done taking the photo) I love posed pictures in pretty light, but even more I love capturing little glimpses of real interaction and personalities. It's so sweet, especially with kids - they don't yet know to be aware of the camera and just let it all ride...and it's the best.

The love (and sass) that runs rampant between these four is infectious. We went to a local park and just PLAYED, Jeannine and Daniel weren't too concerned with getting any super specific shots, they just wanted to freeze frame this sweet and innocent time in their boys' lives. 


We also hit the playground, obviously, where the most fun was had by all. Is it considered professional for the photographer to monopolize the swings? Probably.

The whole thing was a dream puff topped with gold dust and love. Also, we should all spend more time playing with bubbles in parks.